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mushroom compost in bulk


60L bags and 0.9m3 bulk bags

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This material is produced under carefully controlled conditions and is a by-product of the mushroom growing industry. The basic ingredients of this compost are horse manure, poultry manure and wheat straw. Before collection from the mushroom farm, the compost is steam sterilised by the mushroom grower.

This guarantees that the compost will contain no pests, diseases or weed seed that would otherwise cause problems to the landscaper or gardener. The material is approximately neutral with a pH of 6.3 to 6.8. It is a first class soil conditioner for all types of soil.

Recommended rate of use for general soil improvement a 50mm layer should be spread over the area to be treated, then forked or rotavated in. A 75mm layer could be considered with very poor soils.

Mushroom Compost can be supplied in loose bulk, bulk bags or 60 litre bags. A pallet of 45 x 60 litre bags will be sufficient to treat and area of 54 square metres at a depth of 50mm. A bulk bag will be sufficient to treat an area of 18 square metres at a depth of 50mm.


Where can you buy fresh mushrooms?

  • The best place to buy fresh wild mushrooms is locally such as at a farmers market or specialty grocer. When that’s not possible though, there are some online mushroom sellers that provide quality products for your mushroom-buying needs.


Where should you put a compost bin?

  • The compost bin should be located in the rear yard placed no closer than 30 feet to any habitable building, 20 feet from the street on a corner lot and at least 5 feet from the side/rear yard lines.

What is mushroom compost good for?

  • Mushroom compost is a fertilizer and also helps to retain water and moisture. Non-woody plants such as vegetables and flowers love this sweet soil. Mushroom soil or (Mushroom compost) needs to be used in the spring before planting.


Is mushroom compost good for a vegetable garden?

  • Mushroom compost is suitable for most garden plants. It supports various types of plant growth, from fruits and vegetables to herbs and flowers. To get the greatest results when organic gardening with mushroom compost, thoroughly mix it in with the garden soil prior to planting or allow it to sit over winter and apply in spring.
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